Alston Street, Bury, Lancashire, BL8 1SB


Elton Primary School

Specialist Provision for Deaf Children

Elton Primary School includes a specialist provision which caters for the needs of a number of deaf pupils.  At any one time this will usually include between 5 and 10 deaf children.

The provision is funded, managed and staffed by the Sensory Needs Team (Hearing).  The team is part of a Bury local authority service for children with additional learning or support needs.  

A child would be considered for placement if they are resident in Bury and meet identified criteria.  Placement would be agreed after consultation with senior managers from Elton Primary School, the Sensory Needs Team, children and their families.

The specialist provision has designated accommodation within school for individual and small group work.  These teaching rooms are designed to provide good listening conditions.

The Sensory Needs Team is made up of qualified teachers of the deaf and specialist support assistants.  Staff are based in school and work in partnership with Elton School staff.   A specialist speech and language therapist visits the provision on a weekly basis to work with deaf pupils.

Deaf pupils are included in all aspects of school life.  They have the opportunity to play and learn with both deaf and hearing pupils in an environment where all children are encouraged to respect and value each other.

Specialist Provision for Deaf children - 0161 253 6780

Sensory Needs Team – Hearing - 0161 253 7159