Alston Street, Bury, Lancashire, BL8 1SB

Sport Clubs and Competitions

Here at Elton we aim to provide opportunities for as many children as possible to have the opportunity to take part in intraschool and interschool competitions in a range of sports. To support us with this, we sign up annually to be part of the Bury Schools Games Network. We attend events that enable children of all backgrounds and abilities to represent school, be introduced to new sports, learn new sports skills and build on their social and communication skills.

Autumn Term Events 

LKS2 and UKS2 Girls Football

KS1 Football Festival

LKS2 Manchester United Talent ID Football

Boys UKS2 Inspire Football Event

Boys UKS2 Excel Football Event

UKS2 Excel Dodgeball Event

LKS2 SEND Bowling Event 

LKS2 SEN Boccia Event - Our fabulous Boccia team came 3rd in this event!

Spring Term Events 

KS1 Manchester United Talent ID Football

KS2 Gymnastics Inspire Event

LKS2 SEND Multi-Skills Festival

UKS2 Girls' Football Competition

Summer Term Events 

LKS2 Tennis Competition

UKS2 Ultimate Frisbee

UKS2 Orienteering

KS1 Football Festival

UKS2 Cricket

Boys UKS2 5-a-side football

Girls UKS2 6-a-side football

UKS2 Netball

Yoga and Mindfulness Club
Practising yoga and mindfulness is a very important skill to develop in order to allow our brains to rest and relax. They have many benefits for children including reducing stress and anxiety, teaching how to regulate their emotions and improving their focus and attention span. The children love to dedicate this time to doing a relaxing activity and we love to create a calming, peaceful atmosphere in our club. 

Board Games Club

The children love a bit of healthy competition which our board games club is perfect for! Our club helps to sharpen our focus, teach the value of teamwork and allows us to learn how to be a good loser.  It helps us to develop and use communication skills but overall we love to have fun with our friends. We enjoy playing Jenga, bingo an frustration.

Lego Club

Each week, at Lego Club, we use our creativity and problem solving skills to build different things linked to our character curriculum. Over the term we have built a volcano linked to science, a stone age settlement linked to history and vehicles linked to our text Rythm of the Rain in English. It is great to work together and learn in a practical way. We can't wait to explore more and develop our lego building skills. 


Robinwood 2022


Every Monday after school, pupils from years 3-6 come together to sing, dance and have fun! They also concentrate and work hard to improve their singing and performance techniques. This year rehearsals have seen as many as 80 children come and join in, which has been amazing!

Some 35 of our choir have enjoyed taking part in the Young Voices Concerts for the eighth year running.  Many thanks to the children who took part in previous years - you were all amazing and represented Elton Primary School fantastically. I hope all the parents who came enjoyed the concert, and I think everyone will agree that it really is a once in a lifetime experience for our children.

Keep watching this space for more information about some very exciting events that we have planned for the near future…