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English Curriculum Statement - Reading



Reading is an important life skill - it is the key to all learning. As stated in the 2014 English curriculum aims, reading at Elton is designed to meet the needs of all pupils.  

Our aim is to enable each child to: 

  • become a competent and fluent reader
  • develop a love of books
  • develop a knowledge of a variety of genres
  • gain a thirst for knowledge across the curriculum through reading

Reading is at the very heart of our curriculum. We are committed to promoting a love for reading and not only giving children opportunities to read in English lessons, but in the wider curriculum too.


“A book is a gift you can open again and again”

Garrison Keillor




Through the delivery of our reading curriculum we ensure a consistent and robust teaching and learning of early reading and phonics in FS and KS1, so that pupils are able to read with increased speed and fluency and access the wider curriculum. We follow the Read Write Inc. scheme and children are provided with books that match and support their phonics development and ability. 

In addition to phonic lessons, reading lessons take place four times a week in each year group. These 30-minute-long, sessions focus on a high-quality text, pitched towards the higher ability end of the class. This sharing of a text allows for teachers to model skills that are often invisible skills employed by good readers, as well as exposing children to rich and varied texts, harnessing their imagination and promoting a love of books from different genres. Children are given the opportunity to develop their reading fluency and comprehension skills and all children are given an equal opportunity to succeed against age related expectations. Teachers and teaching assistants provide support through targeted conversations and modelling during these sessions in order to challenge all learners.

In EYFS, reading comprehension is based on a picture, where they discuss their thoughts and predictions of what might happen in the story. This is taught as a class, once a week.

Children in Year 2 to 6, access Accelerated Reader when they can read and comprehend an age‐appropriate text.   The development of reading is tailored to the children’s specific needs through the Accelerated Reader program.  The children take four, star test assessments throughout the year and are given a reading book range to choose from.  They then quiz after each reading book to assess their comprehension of the text.   Children are encouraged to choose a range of genres and a variety of authors to fully extend their vocabulary and text structures and styles.

The ‘Power of Reading’ underpins the majority of our literacy lessons.  Through the use of high-quality texts pupils are encouraged to develop their vocabulary, consider a range of issues and deeper meanings in texts, develop comprehension skills and enjoyment of books.  Reading skills are continually developed through the wider curriculum.



All pupils will be able to read with accuracy, speed, confidence, fluency and understanding, ready to access the secondary school curriculum.  All pupils will make at least good progress from their starting points. Pupils will develop a life-long enjoyment of reading and books.